Video of the reconstruction to...

Video of the reconstruction to Hyperrealism


From Conception to Canvas: The Unveiling of Hyperreal Baby Faces


A continuación deberá incluir las imágenes que desea que procesemos ANTES DE PULSAR EL BOTÓN DE AÑADIR AL CARRITO.

*Debe comprar tantas unidades como imágenes desea que procesemos.
Complete los siguientes pasos:

1.- Añada en cada campo una sola imagen.
3.- Indique las unidades, y pulse el botón "Añadir al carrito"

Si envía más imágenes que unidades compradas, elegiremos entre ellas la que consideremos que mejor resultado tendrá.

  • optional .gif .jpg .jpeg .jpe .png .webp
  • optional .gif .jpg .jpeg .jpe .png .webp
  • optional .gif .jpg .jpeg .jpe .png .webp
  • optional 250 char. max


Join us on an enchanting journey through the stages of a baby's face formation, evolving into the mesmerizing realm of hyperrealism. Explore the captivating transformation process, revealing the intricate details of lips, nose, and every facial feature. Swipe to witness the magic of artistry meeting technology. Ready to witness the evolution?

*In many cases the image does not allow these results to be achieved due to the lack of clarity of the face due to the appearance in the image of placental remains, hands, as well as the colors in which the ultrasound has been generated by the ultrasound probe. ultrasound In those cases you will be informed of this before processing. Once the process is completed, the amounts will not be returned. In those cases in which the image processing team determines that an optimal result will not be obtained, we will inform you and the amounts you would have paid for the service will be refunded.

*These images are generated using artificial intelligence algorithms, and it is possible that the baby once born may not have an aspect relationship with the generated image. The images are simulations by enhancing physical features and treating textures.

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